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How to tie your ribbon


Step 1 

Let's say your name is Georgia May. Run the ribbon under your ponytail and hold each side above your head so it is in a U shape with the first initial - the 'G' - starting on your left. Cross the two pieces of ribbon over so the first initial - the 'G' -is now in your right hand, still being held up above your head.

Step 2

Swoop the piece of ribbon in your right hand, your first initial - the 'G' - over and under the second initial - the 'M'.

Step 3

Pull both pieces of ribbon in their new positions until it feels tight. Your first initial - 'G' - should now be on the left and you should have a basic knot.

Step 4

Loop your first initial - the 'G' - and hold it in place.

Step 5

Use your other hand to wrap the second initial - the 'M' - around the loop, starting from behind and bring it around to the front of the loop. 

Step 6

There should now be a hole between the looped shoelace - the 'G' - and the wrapped shoelace - the 'M'. Pull the second initial - the 'M' - through the hole to form another loop. 

Step 7

Hold both loops and tie them tight. And voila! You have the perfect bow!